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About us

This is a Maryland company started by nurses, doctors and entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 global epidemic. Some of the founders are still working in different medical hospitals and centers to help save the lives of infected patients and victims. Exceeding 70 years of combined experience in bedside nursing, medical emergencies, surgical procedures, dialysis and infectious diseases, this group of dedicated professionals bring a very high standard of knowledge and quality to our products and service standards.  Read more

Who we serve

Small companies

We can provide protective gear for your entire staff to use during protective measures during a widespread epidemic

Individuals and Families

We sell directly to families trying to protect themselves at home during household chores or a widespread infectious epidemic

Primary Care

From physician offices to practice groups, we service a wide range of private and corporate owned primary care groups including specialty practices in pediatrics, orthopedics and internal medicine. Our team works with ACOs, IPAs and MSOs to deliver value-based contracts that work for your organization.

Surgery & Dialysis Centers

Many members of our team have worked in surgery and dialysis centers. We serve a broad range of surgery centers, including ambulatory, and multi-specialty centers like Endoscopy and GI in need of the best quality protective gear for their faces and bodies.

Urgent Care Centers

From examining patients with infectious diseases to handling highly infectious specimen and fluids, we can stock privately owned and urgent care chains across the United States with the right supplies and equipment for their face masks and protective gowns.


Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics during this infectious epidemic need masks and protective gowns more than ever. We work with law enforcement and disaster management organizations to supply emergency departments and training centers with the best quality sterilized masks and gowns.

Government Entities

We partner with government organizations locally at the municipal level and at both the state and federal levels. Our medical supplies and equipment can be shipped domestically across the US to assist any state with responding to this highly infectious period.