About us

This is a Maryland company started during the COVID-19 global epidemic by local medical professionals that are still working in different medical hospitals and centers to save the lives of infected patients and victims. Exceeding 70 years of combined experience in nursing, medical emergencies, surgical procedures, dialysis and infectious diseases, this group of dedicated professionals bring a very high standard of quality to this industry and service. Headquartered in Washington D.C’s metropolitan area, with dispatch offices in New York city and Dallas, Texas, this group of caregivers has decided to contribute to solving the problem of shortages with high quality protective masks and gowns in different parts of the country. “Our mission is to serve our fellow caregivers, volunteers, medical professionals and now everyday individuals, by providing them the best tested protection that could save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.” .

Products we offer

  • Medical/Surgical protective masks
  • N95 High grade Protective masks
  • Quarantine and protective full body gowns
  • Infra Red thermometers


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