10 Tips On How To Run Safely With COVID-19 Coronavirus Spreading

10 Tips On How To Run Safely With COVID-19 Coronavirus Spreading

Olympic steeplechase athlete Emma Coburn goes for a run during a training session on May 08, 2020 – photo by Mathew Stockman – Getty Images

Precaution 4: Don’t wear a mask or face covering that prevents you from breathing.

Running requires oxygen. If you do not realize this, you should not be running. In fact, there are many things that you shouldn’t be doing. You probably should not leave your house, ever, at least, not until you have taken the course “Basic Things Required to Live 101.” If you are going to wear a mask or face covering, don’t use one that prevents you from adequately breathing like a pair of skinny jeans wrapped around your head. Keep in mind that your oxygen requirements tend to increase while you’re exerting yourself. So just because you can breathe easily with a mask on while sitting in a chair thinking about puppies, doesn’t mean that you can do the same while running. Before running with your chosen face covering, experiment by trying to breathe progressively faster and harder through the covering first. (To induce yourself to breath faster, just imagine some melting cheese.) If you end up passing out, that would be a sign that your face covering is not allowing enough air through to your mouth and nose.

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