Kids Soft Toothbrush (with kid’s name)


  • Assorted Kids’ Personalized Toothbrushes with Travel Caps

    – Cushioned head is gentle on gums and fits comfortably in small mouths.
    – Concave bristles designed to surround and clean teeth.
    – Soft grip for easy handling.
    – Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 90 days.
    – Soft
    – Ages 3+

    Names: Aaron, Abigail, Adam, Aidan, Alex, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexis, Alyssa, Amanda, Amber, Andrew, Anna, Anthony, Ashley, Austin, Ava, Bailey, Benjamin, Brandon, Brianna,Brooke, Caleb, Cameron, Chloe, Christian, Christopher, Connor, Daniel, Danielle, David, Dylan, Elijah, Elizabeth, Ella, Emily, Emma, Eric, Ethan, Eva, Evan, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Grace, Hailey, Haley, Hannah, Hunter, Isabella, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jasmine, Jason, Jenna, Jessica, John, Jonathan, Jordan, Joseph, Joshua, Julia, Justin, Kaitlyn, Katherine, Katie, Kayla, Kaylee, Kevin, Kyle, Kylie, Lauren, Logan, Luke, Mackenzie, Madeline, Madison, Makayla, Mathew, Megan, Mia, Michael, Morgan, Natalie, Nathan, Nicholas, Nicole, Noah, Olivia, Paige, Rachel, Rebecca, Robert, Ryan, Samantha, Samuel, Sarah, Savannah, Shelby, Stephanie, Sydney, Taylor, Thomas, Trinity, Tyler, Victoria, William, Zachary.

    Phrases: All Stars, Blanks, Born to Shop, Cool Dad, Drama Queen, Goddess, Gold is Everything, #1 Grandpa, I’d Rather be Fishing, Live, Love, Laugh, Perfect Angel, Princess, Super Mom, Sweetest Grandma, The Boss, Work Hard, Play Hard, Super Kid, Daddy’s Girl.
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